Tuesday, 12 June 2012

new rule book - initial thoughts.

In amongst a post listing new releases over the next few months for Wyrd, Malifaux and Terraclips was an entry reading Malifaux 1.5 Core Rulebook.
New Malifaux 1.5 book (c) Wyrd Miniatrues

Given the recent errata and clarifications I would expect Malifaux 1.5 to be an amalgamation of the original book (for the fluff), the rules manual with errata and clarifications and all the latest stat cards.

This is good news, once again we'll have a single place to go for the rules.
It's interesting that Wyrd have  called it Malifaux 1.5. Enough of a change to warrant a new number but not a full version number change. i.e. We've moved it on but not changed it completely.

Unfortunately this will be the 3rd time I'd have bought these rules, assuming I do.

And, it's going to be a full sized rule book, not a rules manual sized cheap job.  So full sized price to match.

But it will mean that all you people out there that don't have a copy of the original Malifaux book will be able to get one at last.

So it's a mixed blessing really.  Applaud Wyrd all you like for attempting to standardise it's rule book and iron out inconsistencies and problems, but if I have to buy a new copy of the rules every year I've a feeling I may struggle to stay enthusiastic for much longer, my money spread thin enough as it is.

I wonder if they'll produce a Rules manual format version as well?

New Fate deck (c) Wyrd Miniatures
The other major implication of the release schedule is that there's no 'New' book, no book 4.  Certainly not before September at the earliest.  This will be a disappointment for many, but perhaps it's a good idea that there's a consolidation period, especially with a minor re-boot.  There are still Avatars to release and maybe they'll squeeze a few new figures into Malifaux 1,5?  Had heard rumour of a new faction, no idea if this is true or not, perhaps Malifaux 1.5 is a perfect excuse to introduce one?  However I feel this is unlikely, a new faction would need to be caught up through all 3 books and would unbalance book 1 if it had Avatars and such like in it.

Anyway, that's it for now, here's a link to the original post of Wyrds forums - Release schedule June 2012 - August 2012

p.s. New Fate Deck, in plastic.  See picture above :-)

Friday, 8 June 2012

errata & clarifications

Couple of weeks late with this, apologies, been away (effectively).
A while back, year, 18 months, can't rightly remember.  Wyrd published a new book.  The Rules Manual.  A compact, relatively cheap (indeed downloadable for free), version of the rules of Malifaux taken from Book 1, Rising Powers and the fairly extensive FAQ and Errata that existed.

The gaming world was a happy place, now we had a single location.  A place we could go for the definitive answer to rules questions.  No longer would we suffer as someone we gamed against claimed a rule as invalid because they hadn't read the FAQ, or it wasn't in the book.

Then, slowly, as is inevitable, it became obvious that valiant thought he attempt had been, a few things were still subject to interpretation.  A few rules still seemed overly powerful.

So, here again, once more we have Errata's and clarifications.
Not too many, and more Clarifications than changes, but never-the-less once more we're subject to a on-line, not in print rules scenario.
What a pity.
I guess it was unavoidable, it was a valiant attempt on Wyrd's part.

I do not know if these changes will find their way into a future release of the Rules manual.
For now, go here New Rules
 print them off and take them with you.
You'll find 3 pages of stuff.  Model specific Errata and clarifications, Core rules errata and clarifications and a FAQ.

The model changes are perhaps the most disappointing.  Some models have extensive changes which are not available on stat cards, or for which you'll have to arrange to purchase new stat cards, now or when they become available.  If you and your opponent are aware of this and have a print out of the changes then OK, it's a bit messy but at least you both know.  But what if your opponent isn't aware that Alps have had 5 errata against them and are now harmless?  They'll be well pleased when you tell them.
I suggest you check with any new opponents before you start a game so you're both singing from the same hymn sheet.  Might save some agro.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

printing your own figures - a follow up

When I wrote of the possiblity of using 3d printers for printing your own figures I didn't realise how close we may be to this.  It seems some people are doing so already and sharing their designs.  Guess who doesn't like this?  Not that I blame them one bit.  It seems 3d printing may be a threat to the companies that make the games and figures we love.
Don't do this at home folks..

3D Printing, copyright violations.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

malifaux in the bath

I'm a big fan of a good long hot bath.  Soaking away the aches and stresses of the day.  And what can be better than soaking in bath, with a glass of wine, a bowl of your favourite snacks (peanuts or Frazzles) and browsing through your favourite gaming books.  But, there's a problem..

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
The Rules manual, is, I find, just right for reading in the bath.  The other Malifaux books are not.  They are too large in format (risk of damp corners) and heavy.  I cannot lie in a bath and comfortably hold them long enough to read anything worthwhile..

This is a pity.  reading the rules manual is a worthwhile exercise, it is however, in some ways, the least interesting book for Malifaux with no fluff and no model details to read through planning your next build or  purchases.

So I'd love it if Wyrd would publish all it's books in both formats.  A wow, that looks awesome, check out the artwork, large format, and a cute, handy, I can read that in the bath format.
Would anyone else like to see Wyrd publish the other books in the small format as well?  I would almost certainly buy both, the large format for the pleasure of the artwork in a larger size, the smaller for convenience.  Perhaps, there should be a delay between publishing the different formats to encourage large book uptake, or maybe the small format should be editions of two books together or even fluff only, I'd buy that.

Still, it was nice to read something Malifaux related in the bath even if it was just reading through the description of each strategy.
I do sometimes read the wyrd forums on my phone, but I get nervous, I might drop it and then where would I be?  Especially as my macbook pro has just coughed it's last and bitten the dust :-(  No phone as well? argh!!

I guess I could read through the cards of figures I've bought, spend some time making sure I know them, or download and print off the pdf's that wyrd have published for the v2 cards, but you will be limited to only some of the models though and it's increasingly the case, I find, that when planning a crew I need to look through all the books.

Anyone else got any bath friendly Malifaux reading tips they could share?  I like a nice bath and reading as I relax is a wonderful thing, but reading rules is less relaxing.  I need something else..

Thursday, 26 April 2012

what are the odds?

Before I start, I just want to say I wrote this some time ago.
I've ummed and I've aaahd and I've decided that I will publish it.
But I nearly didn't.
I nearly didn't because Malifaux is a brilliant game with so much more to it than the cards.  Because, stripping out and looking at the cards in this way is perhaps not how I want to view my beautiful game.  But, I have written it, it is part of the game, and as I'm an entirely un-educated statistician it's probably meaningless anyway.

So, read it if you want.  Correct me if it's needed.  But don't get too worked up about it.  Malifaux is so much more than a card game that this is barely worth the effort.


Malifaux is a card game.  Well, at least partially, and as such is subject to chance, and these chances are measurable.
(c) Wyrd Miniatures
Do you know what the chances are of you picking up the Red Joker in a hand you draw?
Do you know the chance of getting the red joker on any given flip?
Do you want to know?
Any card player who plays bridge or poker or any other card game with any degree of seriousness will know the odds of key events happening.  Perhaps we should too?
I'm no mathematician or card sharp so anything I say here may be misguided and inaccurate but I do have some thoughts.

Basics - 54 cards 4*13 cards suits + 2 jokers.  Playing with the jokers gives slightly longer odds than standard card games that aren't played with jokers.

Chance of drawing the Red Joker in a 6 card hand?  6 chances from 54 cards = 6/54 or 11.1%  Which means that approximately one in 10 hands drawn will contain the Red joker.  Except that when we draw our hands some cards have already been flipped/ discarded.  Might just be one you discarded from previous hand - 6/53 or 11.3% or 2 6/52 or 11.5% or more, all of which increase the chance of you getting the Red Joker in your hand.
There are other factors too, such as ability to hold more cards in the hand such as minions or masters who add to your hand size.  Arcane Effigy lets you hold an extra card, combine that with a master who holds an extra card (Rasputina i think?) and you have 8 cards in your hand rather than 6.  that's 33% more cards.  but is it 33% more chance of drawing the Red Joker?
Hand Size Cards Chance %
6 54 1/9 11.1
6 53 1/8.83 11.3
6 52 1/8.67 11.5
7 54 1/7.7 12.9
7 53 1/7.57 13.2
7 52 1/7.43 13.5
8 54 1/6.75 14.8
8 53 1/6.63 15.0
8 52 1/6.515.4
please excuse the fraction decimal hibrid.

So that's a reasonable increase in chance of picking out that coveted card.  Also, with a larger hand size the odds grow faster as you loose cards to choose from.  So the change over 3 cards (54 - 52) at 6 card hand size is 0.4%, at 8 card hand size it's 0.6%.

Does this make the Arcane Effigy worth taking?  Well, it costs 4SS.  So that's 4 SS to increase your chance of drawing by a couple of %.  What else could you do with those 4SS?  take them as Soul Stones for one.  Each one giving you a better chance than any single card in your hand, of being the red Joker.
If the Red joker hasn't been played, as cards are played from your deck you get an increased chance of drawing the Red.  Two cards flipped, 6 in your hand chance of Red Joker being next is 1 in 46 or just under 2.17%.  2 Flipped 8 in hand it's 1 in 44 or 2.27%.  But, if half the decks been played without it popping up?
6 in hand 23 played 1 in 23 or 4.34%  Still not great is it?  But it is twice what it was before. For any given card in a 6 card hand the chances at the time of drawing your card are between 1/ 52 (assuming 2 cards flipped) 1.9% and 1/46 or 2.17%.  the thing with Souls Stones is though only one or maybe two models in a typical crew can use them.  If the RJ is in your hand anyone has access to it.

Apply that extra card in hand to a requirement for high cards in a specific suit, or even just high cards in any suit and it becomes even more useful.  I think I may well be acquiring an Arcane Effigy to run alongside Rasputina in the hope that the shortened odds will give me an upper hand, a lightly increased chance at least.  Of course, in play these odds may not bear fruit.  We're talking about shortening long odds by only a little, but I reckon it's worth looking at.

The point of this article then, is not to tell you the odds, I've probably got them wrong, but to get you thinking about them.  The card mechanic is core to the game we love and should be given due consideration, go give it some thought and try and calculate the odds that matter to you..  What are the chance of me flipping a certain suit for instance, might be worth knowing that one.
Nor am I claiming that the odds are more important than crew selection, crew knowledge and good tactics because I don't think they are.  But I do think having an idea of them is a worthwhile exercise. If you're hoping for a good flip, at least have some idea what hope you have.

Now I just need some mathematician to shoot me down in flames ;-)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

changing tides of malifaux addiction

I am nothing if not fickle and mercurial when it comes to my Malifaux addiction.
How I envy those who can stick to a single faction or even to a long term plan.
Stick to Arcanists was my motto going in to 2012.  how long did that last?
Looks like not long as I now have a Collodi hankering big time.
I have Zoraida sitting there un-loved, un-assembled and most definately un-painted.
Having looked through Twsting Fates Avatar Zoraida is one of the few Avatars  I'd consider that matches my current crop of masters. Avatar Justice, Pandora and Rasputina all being sub-par as far as I can see, although I'm beginning to wonder about aPandora (No, really, I have an idea, though I'm not sure it's one I'd want to play)
Collodi (c) Wyrd Miniatures
And those little dolls and marionettes look so frickin' cool, even Collodi is an excellent figure.
So, here's what I'm thinking of getting

Collodi blister
Marionettes blister
Puppet wars expansion pack three
Primordial magic (maybe)

Coppelius is not really part of this plan, but he's a figure I've wanted to add to my Neverborn collection for a while so I'm using this as an excuse.
As you can see I'm not getting the box set.  Why not?  Well, because I'm going to get a Puppet wars expansion set to use as my Wicked Dolls (my thanks to whoever posted that idea on the Wyrd form).  This way I get 8 wicked dolls that can also be used as the figures they actually represent, although I'll need to make some of them magnetised so they can be transferred to larger bases for that purpose.
Primordial Magic, I'm actually not a fan of this sculpt so I may drop this off the list unless it seems functionally too important to do without.

Overall plan then, with this crew, is fairly standard.  Zoraida does her thing, Collodi sods off and captures objectives etc.. Zoraida manifests and spawns more Wicked Dolls.  A mobile, fast crew with some Obey facility.. nice.  I've already got Stitched & an Insidious Madness to add to the mix as well if I feel the need.

There you go, nothing particularly original about this lot, need to read up and see if I can't spin my own take, but it's a crew I've been hankering after, so unless I stick to my Arcnaist guns and get mech Rider and December Acolyte, I think I've found my next round of purchases.  Shame I can't squeeze Avatar Zoraida in too.

And now, a week after originally drafting this I'm considering a change.. to Nicodem.  had a resur hankering for ages, couldn't pick a master but I recon' with Nicodem I may have found an Avatar I'd like to build and play!  But, would spamming Zombies be fun?  I dunno.. Argh  So then, Seamus, there's a cool Avatar.. No!!! Heeellpp Meeee!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

twisting fates - first impressions

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
Any blog worth it's salt would have reviewed Twisting Fates within days or weeks of it's release, but not here, no, here we like to take our time, get to really know a book and then review it..  Alternatively we're skint and have only just been able to afford it.  So, somewhat late to the ball I've finally picked up a copy of Twisting Fates.
There's little here that'll be news to anyone, but for what it's worth here are my initial thoughts -

Twisting Fates is the 3rd (or 4th if you include the Rules Manual) rule book - or second expansion if you will - from Wyrd Miniatures for their Malifaux game.  The rules from the first two books, along with erata were combined into the Rules manual.

In terms of rules there's little here...  The rules included refer to the main focus of the book and that's Avatars.
Each master has specific conditions under which they may, or must, change from their normal form into their Avatar form.  Once, or as, they convert to Avatar form various things can happen, depending on the Master in question.  Some can make healing flips, most loose effects and Totems.  You replace the masters figure with their Avatar figure, and replace their stat card with the Avatar card.
Once transferred to Avatar form each Master has a new set of powers.

What else is in this book?  Well, there is a handful of minions for each faction.  Some nice looking options, not much game changing here though, a few stronger minions perhaps but mostly fairly balanced.  I've a feeling resurs do better than most here but perhaps I'm wrong, always tricky to tell before you've played with or against.

Nicodem Avatar
(c) Wyrd Miniatures
And most of the book, and it's the thickest book yet, is a tonne of fluff :-)  I love fluff.  I love this book.  I've barely started the fluff to be honest but I've enjoyed what I've read so far and can't wait to read more.

Throughout the book is sprinkled a load of new artwork.  As usual some fabulous, atmospheric, pictures from Wyrd.  They're my favourite part of the fluff and you can't fault them, except perhaps there could be more.

So, any complaints?  Well, I love the look and feel of these books but I do wish they published them in the smaller format too (like the Rules Manual) so I could read them in the bath.  These books are wonderful to hold and look at and read sitting up, but lying in bed or the bath they're just to large and heavy.  If they published them large and small I'd buy both I really would.

Zoraida Avatar
(c) Wyrd Miniatures
So, the Avatars.  So far then I'm not awfully impressed.  The Avatars I want to run are for masters I don't have.  The Avatars for Lady Justice, Pandora and Rasputina are, or seem to me after a few readings, weak. I don't know why you'd spend 2SS to take the option of turning Pandora into an immobile weakling who can't do anything significantly better than when she could move.  I mean even the tentacles don't hit hard, a Slop Haulers bucket does more damage!  And she can not move!  In Malifaux that's crazy, unless she's sat on a target I suppose, but it's not like she's static and tough all of a sudden.  LJ and Rasputina are similar.  My other two masters may be more promising (Zoraida and Perdita) but even then I'm not sure.  So far the stand outs to me have been Seamus and Ramos.  Both look like a laugh and have fabulous figures.  Colette is an interesting one, 3 models, only one is actually her.. a good thing or just 3 chances for your opponent to hit her?  Might be fun but could end up being a weakness.

Also some masters are way easier to manifest than others. Not sure why.

So, I've still plenty to read here, including many of the Avatars, but initial impressions are that
this is then another fabulously beautiful book from Wyrd.  Adding some depth to the game without upsetting the balance too much, but I suspect your usage will depend on your master.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

print your own figures

This post is perhaps not Malifaux specific. OK, it' s not at all Malifaux specific, it's generic and applicable to any figure gaming system.

A quick google suggests a 3D printer is currently available for a mere £15,000. Hmm.. OK, that's a lot of money, but, like any technology it'll start to come down. And I was wondering, does this have implications for our hobby?

Why accept the costs of manufacturing, packaging and distributing figures if you can sell the template for people to print their own in their own home?

You the user would browse the wyrd web site, think, hmm.. I like that one, click a button, order it, receive the template there and then and have a figure 5 minutes later.

Mini figure 3d printed. image by Creative Tools
Now I'm no 3d printing expert, I don't know what the limitations of these devises are, but from what I've seen of what can be printed, I think these machines are more than capable of printing these figures, maybe some of them will need to be printed in sections and glued together, but they could still be printed. In fact, as you can see, a quick search and I've found someone that's already done it.

Also, for those that aren't painting fans, colour 3d printers are also available. Perhaps before too long they will be sophisticated enough to print colour well enough that you could buy a colour template and not need to paint the figure afterwards?

There would need to be a method of limiting the number of times you could print a template. GW aren't going to sell you one orc template and watch you print off 200 of the blighters are they?

Not sure if figure prices would be cheaper for the consumer or not, the manufacturer could reduce their prices as they'd have no manufacturing costs, no distribution costs and no packaging costs. However consumers would need raw materials, and the printer of course.

There are of course implications for game stores too. They sell plenty of things beyond figures, but this could make a dent.

But, at the end of the day, maybe this is all just a rambling pipe dream.

These printers are still very expensive, it might cause too much of an upheaval to the industry, and lets face it, it hasn't happened in an area it could have done already.. the books and manuals our games rely on.

What do you think? Let me know.

it lives!

contrary to recent posts, this blog will continue.  It will not die.

(C) Wyrd Miniatures
Happy days, at least for me.
I don't know how long for, but at least for a few months, hopefully indefinitely.

Calculations were done, cogs whirred, gears crunched, in the end it was found we can continue.


Now all I need to do is lay vinyl flooring, install a shower and tile a bathroom, re-wire and install a new kitchen, build some wardrobes, clear my shed,  unpack my stuff and get painting.. new posts should be arriving soon then huh?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

death of a blog

Regular readers will be aware of various personal issues that have impeeded the writing and development of this blog.

Firstly I lost my job and had to concentrate on finding a new one, then we moved home and my gear was packed up. I had hoped, once the move was out of the way that I could pick things up and get posting again.

Unfortunately my new job is not as well payed as my old one, my child will soon need full priced care, and other issues mean that apparantly, my hobby is depriving my family. As such I can no longer continue with it in the manner in which I would like. Consequently I will be ceasing almost all hobby activities, including this blog. This blog will taken off-line in 2 weeks time.

Meanwhile I'd like you to review my train ride to malifaux page and let me know, what you think, I should keep. One master with a crew size of 35 - 40 ss. This will enable me to continue to play against my friends, albeit in a limited way that won't have them guessing much about what I'll be putting on the table. I will also be keeping SnowStorm as it's such an awsome model and I want to finish it off. In two weeks everything else, model wise, goes on ebay. I'd really hoped to make something of this blog but it seems that I cannot do so.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 12 March 2012


3 days away now.  3 days from a new home for me and my family.
Needless to say all my Malifaux models, books and scenery are packed away ready to move, all apart from my rules manual and model cards which are all in my rucsac for lunch time reading at work.

How long I wonder, until it's unpacked the other end.
In theory I get a nice large, powered shed all to myself.  Desks, maybe even a game table, shelves & chairs. There should be room for all of it.. We'll see. 

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
Meanwhile I will soon have another small cash injection heading my way, from sale of some GW items.  So, apart from a LONG overdue copy of Twisting Fates I have to decide what else to get. 
Bits to augment what I have?  Some arcanist minions for Rasputina for instance? 
A henchman?  Kaeris is appealing, Lucius or Collodi perhaps?  
A book 2 master?  I have none and they all appeal to some extent..
An Avatar?  I have none, Rasputina's is available?
Or should I make that move to Ressurs I've been thinking about?  Nico, McMourning and Kirai all appeal..

Anyway, it gives me something else to look forward to and think about.

I intend shortly to add a page that lists which figures I have and what state they are in, built painted etc..
Then when I ask what I should spend my money on you'll have an idea what I already have.
It should also serve to shame me into action and get painting.. yeah right ;-)

So, sorry folks, another mindles rambling post, but, fingers crossed, before long I should get some actual hobby time to report on.  Just don't hold your breath.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

playing faster

I noticed a tweet the other day that got me wondering about game length.  Why does it take so long to play a game of Malifaux?  Or, does it take that long to play, really?
My games take hours, start at nine, stop at midnight and we may not be finished.  Why is that?
Surely a game with so few figures can't take that long?  We used to get a 1000-1500 point warhammer game done in the same space of time, so why so long?

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
Well, as per usual with this type of question I believe there are a number of factors.

Firstly I don't think everyone takes this long.  At tournaments there's a set time span and many people are perfectly capable of, and used to, playing to shorter time scales.

So, if it is possible to play more quickly, what can we do to speed things up?  Here are some ideas, they may or may not work for you.

Learn the rules.  Rules queries can take an age to sort out, if you know the rules you'll get fewer queries.  You may not eliminate them but you will reduce them.

Learn the rules. Learn the rules for your crew, as well as you know the core rules, better even.  Study the card on every model, if it interacts or changes core rules do your research on how this will affect the normal resolution of that rule.  If there's anything particularly gnarly I'd suggest you let your opponent know prior to starting, there's nothing will de-rail the progress of a game quite like coming up with some nasty rule mid-game that wrecks our opponents game and seems to contradict what he was expecting.

Learn the rules.  If you can, learn the rules for your opponents crew too.  This won't always be possible but regular reading of the rules books should give at least a passing idea of what your opponents crew can do.

Set a time limit on rules queries, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever works for you, if you haven't found it by then, flip for it and resolve it later, you really don't want to spend 10, 15 or even 20 minutes searching for an answer to a question mid-game.  But make a note so you don't forget to look it up later.

Make sure you know the set-up and game turn sequence off by heart.  What happens next? is a massive slower of games.

Make decisions quicker.  I like to take my time with each and every figure, even if it's obvious what to do, but agonising over each decision will sloooww down a game so much.  Be thinking about what to do whilst your opponent moves, when he's done then.. snap, make that decision, make the move, take the shot.  I believe you can train yourself to do this.  Knowing your crew well will help here, make sure you don't miss anything.  If you have to read every crew members card each turn whilst you decide which action you want to take.. you will have a slow game.

Plan ahead.  Think of the game prior to playing.  If you know which crew you want to take have a general plan, an idea of what you want to do with that crew.  Yes, strategies, schemes and an unkown until you play opposing crew may require a change, but a basic idea of what order your crew members need to go in and what they need to do will help making those decisions.

Play more.  Easiest and simplest answer is that the more you play the less any of these issues will be a problem.  Play as often as you can and you will learn the rules, you will know the turn sequence and you will make decisions faster.

To take it back to WarHammer (sorry), the reason those games took less time was we'd been playing for more years than Malifaux has existed, even though it changed every 4 or 5 years it was still pretty much the same game, so after each change there was a period where games took longer, it didn't last long and we'd be back up to speed again.  Read your books & cards more often, play more often, have a game plan and don't get stuck on rules queries and I think you'll soon be playing faster.

Hope this was of some interest or even help.  Do you have any ideas for speeding up games?  If so, please comment below and let me know.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blog post - formating lost


just a quickie.  Hope you all enjoyed the twitter coverage of the UK's first ranking Malifaux tournament of the year.  Check out #mfauxice for details, and if you don't have a twitter account yet.. why not?  Lots of good Malifaux coverage there.

Meanwhile, apologies for the look of the blog right now.  I was messing around with the template when I lost everything.  Luckily I'd saved the layout before hand.  Unfortunately I hadn't.  All that had been saved was the layout. All formatting, colours and fonts was lost.  Great, what use is that feature google?

Anyway, finding a job and moving house are more important right now, but once achieved I will try and find a better colour set again.  Bear with me meanwhile.

Many thanks.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

slow down - a blog announcement

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
Just a quick post.

Just as I get up a head of steam, start posting regularly and decide to move my Malifaux posts to their own separate blog & even start a dedicated twitter account (@MFauxBlog).. I loose my job.

As I'm sure you understand finding work is more important than Malifaux right now, especially as we're about to move house as well in a months time.

Just as soon as I can I'll spend some time modeling and playing and posting, but until then I'm afraid there wont be much in the way of new content.

So, why not head over to Wyrd and enjoy their new look forum.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

crew creator

Fed up with deciding which models can be used with which masters under which circumstances?

What you need is an app, something that knows all the rules, prevents you from making invalid selections and shows you how many Soul Stones you have left to select from and what your pool will be.

What you need can be found on Malifaux's web site, right here - Crew Creator

This excellent little on-line app is truly superb.
Select your faction and game type, game size, Master(s) and Henchman with Totems or without and if applicable select your masters Avatar.

Crew Creator

Then select your minions.  Special forces and mercenaries are all handled correctly dependant on master.

Nothing could be easier.

Each minion is listed in a colour relevent to the faction it is from, Guild Burgandy, Arcanists Blue etc.. so you can see where you're hiring out of faction.

Add and delete minions, see what mix you can come up with.

If you change your master, and you can, the list will also disappear, which is a pity but hard;y surprising.

One thing I'd like to change is the seemingly random order that Minions are listed in the drop downs.  They're not listed alphabetically, or by faction or soul stone value.  It'd be nice if you could specify how you want them listed.

In addition you have to be on-line to use it.  Please Wyrd, can we have this as an App soon?  (Android preferably).

Monday, 16 January 2012

weekend thoughts

Not much of interest, but a few thoughts from the weekend.

Enjoyed hearing of the UK Masters tournament event.  Kept in touch via the wonder of Twitter.  It has made me fancy having a pop at a tourney this year.  Not because I think I'd win but simply because it seems to me there are a lot of fun people out there playing Malifaux and I'd like to meet some of them.
It seems filth lists were the order of the day.. There's some talk of wyrd needing to even things out, that some things are broken.  I don't see it myself, we've all got the choice..  If you want to win pick a master that will win.  If you're more interested fluff or models because of how they look then select accordingly, it's what I do.
A totally even game is a dull place to be.  As it is the power level shifts between books anyway so what does it matter?

Was able to spend a little more time on SnowStorm.  Have decided that rather than 2 mould lines it's really more like on large, wide line that's about 3 - 4mm wide.  Very tricky to clear up but I am getting there.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
I've been doing some thinking and research as to a paint scheme for my December crew and I think I'm coming down on the side of White.  Which is going to be a pain.  I've painted white before when I started a white Scars Space Marine force.  What bothers me about it is that I really want to try and stay within a white pallet, white, cream, Ivory, a little shading in a pale brown maybe and that'd be it.  I've seen s few figures like this and they're superb, but, get it wrong and it'll be awful I think.  So my thoughts continue, but, if I can get this white/cream scheme straight in my head I may well go for it.

Talking of paint schemes, this thread on the Wyrd forums is well worth a look.  Mako's Crew(s)
Painting and sculpting of the very highest caliber.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

uk masters

The UK Malifaux masters is underway.  The top 16 players meeting up for the ultimate contest.
I suggest you revert to twitter for up to date progress, follow @MythicFOX83, @UkRocky90, @ImMagicPockets, @GingerestNinja & @CalmdownUK for latest news and results.  Or search for #mfauxm.

Whilst there why not follow me too? @russoliver.

There might also be a thread on the wyrd Malifaux forums.

UPDATE: Overnight top 6 after 4 games according to twitter as far as I'm able to tell:


UPDATE: UK Masters of Malifaux 2012 was won by @ImMagicPockets, 2nd was @CalmDownUK.
Congratulations to all who took part and thanks for all the tweeting keeping us up to date.
Please check here for full names of the top 4

Looks like Hamelin and Lord Chompy Bits ruled the weekend but full lists should be being published soon on wyrd forums and I believe on MythicFox.com.

Friday, 13 January 2012

february releases

Wyrd have posted their February releases on the forum:  February Releases

Here are my favourites from this months selection.

Witchling Handler

Witchling Handler (c) Wyrd Miniatures

Original artwork (c) Wyrd Miniatures

I really like this figure, very much reflective of the gorgeous artwork.  I currently have no Withcling Stalkers, but I feel I may have to change that.  I'll certainly get this figure at some point, even if just to paint.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

Kirai Avatar

This is a gorgeous sculpt, really organic and flowing.  The sleeves are almost too much for me, but I love the detail of Kirai lying on the floor, her hand reaching out.  If I ever get Kirai, and she's top of my resers list, I'll definately be getting this figure too.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

Rafkin the Embalmer

Yet another reason to go resurs sooner rather than later.  nice figure.  Though I know I've no chance of re-creating those trousers, beautiful paint job here really helps to sell the figure.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

Ghost Town Bases

Lastly this month I love the Ghost Town bases.  They look cool at all sizes, however it's the 50mm which I love the most.  It really looks like a diorama all by itself.  It wont suit all figures, SnowStorm wont look in place on here for instance, but, get the correct figure and it's going to look so very very cool on here.

snow storm

as mentioned on another post, I'm having a lot of 'fun' with snowstorm at the moment.
As the figure that was a key motivator in my purchase of Rasputina it's important to me that he's as good as he looks.  His effectiveness in the game for his cost is questioned by many and now he's causing all sorts of headaches to put together.

Resin is an odd material to work with.  It somehow manages to feel soft and brittle at the same time.  Removing mould lines with a scalpel is not generally tricky however SnowStorm has a double mould line through his hair.  It's a bitch.  Also the mould lines run down his arms and legs over the whorls engraved in to his body, removing those can, if you are not careful, make the whorls more shallow, be careful not overdo it or you might lose them.  Also, you get mold lines in the hair above his hooves.  Overall then, it seems to me, that he's a bit of a git to prepare perfectly.  This is his head after a couple of hours work.

2 hours work and still mould lines are visible.

If you look at the picture full size you can clearly see the dark line of a mould line, or what's left of it running from his shoulder across his head.  If you look down from that you can just make out a pale line paralleling the dark one.  These lines delineate a raised area on his head of 3 - 4mm in thickness.  It's a real pain to get rid of though easier now I've realised it's one large area not two small lines.

To remove these I am scraping with a scalpel, each hair individually at at least 2 angles.  I have, I think, removed a little too much detail from the hair in a couple of places but nothing that can't be renovated with judicious application of a scalpel or mounted needle.

I understand these issues can arise with these figures and that many people have Snowstorm figures with no blemishes at all, it's just a pity I picked a duff one.

Any air bubbles are confined to the bottom of his feet apart from a coupl eof smallish ones in his arm pit that will hopefully be covered up by his arm. If not some liquid Green stuff will sort it out.

On the positive side, all this preparation time is giving me plenty of space in which to come up with a paint scheme for the crew.  Though I can't see me straying far from the pale Blue/White which seems common, I can use this time to try and think of something original.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

a malifaux blog - update

OK, that's everything moved from rascallings.  Hopefully you'll all appreciate my Malifaux content having it's own dedicated space.
I'll start to update the pages today so that you'll be able to browse by category, if you'd like to.
Do feel free to message me or leave comments if you have anything to say regarding the look of the new site, the content, positive or negative I'd appreciate it.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

a start on rasputina and her crew

Had first hobby night in a while last night so I had grand thoughts that I'd quickly put together my entire Arcanists crew (Rasputina, 3 Ice Gamin, Ice Golem, Snow Storm, Essence of Power & Hoarcat Pride).  Actually I knew I wasn't going to get the Ice Golem done due to lack of 40mm base but otherwise I was hopeful.
Little did I suspect how SnowStorm was going to scupper my plans.

The SnowStorm model is the one, the driving force behind me going for a Rasputina crew.  OK I liked the Rasputina crew before SnowStorm but this model is just awesome and really swung me away from Colette.  So, first thing I head for on my Arcanist night?  No prizes, it's SnowStorm.

Snow Storm is a part Resin part metal kit, I take out the resin pieces, I have my tooth brush ready for a gentle scrubbing to remove any mould release agent left behind so it glues and paints perfectly first time.  But, first, mould lines, taking out my trusty scalpel I prepare to remove the mould lines.  This shouldn't take long, I'm sure it's a nice clean kit.
Yeah right.  Double mould lines across all the hair on it's shoulders and back?  Lovely.  Splendid.  Thanks.

I'm not sure how long I spent removing flash off this model.  An hour, maybe an hour and a half.  It's not finished yet.  I want to make a good job of it, so I'm making sure that I don't mess it up, or I'm trying to anyway.

Meanwhile one of the arms, the kit comes as 3 parts of resin which are the torso, legs and head in one lump and two arms and  his antlers and the smaller figure are made of metal, fits fairly well, the other does not and will need a lot of Green Stuff.  Probably too much for using Liquid green Stuff.

Rasputina based.

So, after a while I got fed up of removing flash and instead started to look at Rasputina and the contents of her Cult of December box set.

Rasputina herself comes with her arms separate.  Her tiny, tiny little arms..  still, she wasn't so bad and I got the arms on in a position that I like.  Her base, and indeed that of the Gamin I'll get to in a minute, will be a snow & rock theme.  Nothing unusual in that but I had no better ideas and it'll still look good enough if I can make a half decent job of it.

As you can see from the picture I've still a some flash to remove form her but nothing that shouldn't be quite easy to remove.

The Gamin are quite small models.  they're quite fun with some quirky poses.  Again they are on rocks and will be accompanied by snow once painted.
Rasputina and Ice Gamin

No Pictures of Snow storm, but then again there isn't much to see. When there is I'll post something.  Might be a while though with all the flash removal and green stuff required.

(Previously published elsewhere January 2012)

sarissa precision heroic old west shack review part two

So, my Shack is built, minus the window frames and door. How do I feel about it?

Well, I like think it's rather cute.  I really like the etching on the surfaces that provides texture and decoration and make this model good enough to use without painting (more of which later).

The roof is removable so the interior is useable (Unless you glue it down) though it's rather plain inside, but it is useable.

I'm looking forward to trying it in a game.  I think it will make a very nice atmospheric piece of terrain.
If I have one problem with it it's that it's almost too smart.  I think I'd like to 'weather' it a little.  The odd raised or missing roof tile, a plank missing from the back or side wall.  I'd like to see it a bit run down.  I have to say though that I suspect that I wont do this myself as I'm a sucker for not damaging things I've bought, even in a constructive way.  We'll see, I may have a go.

The next question I was wondering about, when I bought this, was how well would it fit with Malifaux?  I was pretty sure that the standard 28mm Old West models wouldn't be suitable but these Heroic ones might be more suitable as I think they have larger scale features, doors etc..
bearing in mind that I haven't yet fitted the door and window frames here are a few pictures.
Lady Justice seems OK, a little large maybe, or at least a little high, but I think this is due to the scenic base she's on.  without the base she'd probably be fine.

Also Perdita here, I've stuck on a big rock, so she looks a little tall for the shack, but that's not the shacks fault.

Large models may not be able to fit under the roof of the porch, and there's not enough room for a 40mm base on the porch.  This executioners claw is just too high to fit under the front of the roof, but maybe that's a good reason to keep it removable?

I was also a little worried about how it would fit with other bits that I use as terrain at the moment.  Games Workshop LOTR ruins for instance.

Thematically I'm aware that they're quite different, but I was worried they might not look right together size wise, but I think they're OK.  The ruins seem a little larger, but, as they're completely different styles of building I don't think it matters.

To Glue or not to Glue, that is the question?  Apart from the window and door frames it is possible to leave this kit unglued so that it may be taken apart and stored flat between games.  This is good news if you are short of storage.  However, I'm not sure how much repeated taking apart and putting together again this may take.  Already one of the tabs on mine is showing signs of wear, though this is probably due to my cack handedness.  Also, when not glued, although the fit is very good, the porch roof is easily moved out of position and I noticed that when I took the roof off it didn't hold together especially well.
I think either option is fine, depending on your needs, but I think I'm going to glue mine.  I will definitely be glueing the roof together as one piece though will always leave it so that it may be removed from the building.

To Paint or not to paint, that is the question?  I like how this shack looks out of the box (or bag).  With this Shack all readily visible surfaces are textured apart from porch roof supports and under the roof where visible.  So I'm seriously tempted to leave it as is.  In fact, I'm going to leave it unless I either come up with a paint scheme I can't do without, or have a go at weathering the Shack, in which case I may paint to disguise any damage I may do.

Overall then I think this is an excellent piece of scenery at a decent price, good value for money.  It was dispatched reasonably quickly and packaged well enough, it's quick and relatively easy to put together and doesn't need to be painted, though you might like to.  I will most certainly be buying some more, just as soon as I'm able to resist using my monthly allowance for more Malifaux figures ;-)

Part 1 of the review

Sarrisa Precision Old West Heroic Range

(Previously published elsewhere January 2012)

sarissa precision heroic old west shack review - part one

this weekend I received the Sarisaa Precision Old West Heroic Shack I ordered last week.  I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Sarissa precision make a large number of nice looking laser cut mdf buildings in a number of different
styles from Wild West to their new infinity highly customisable sci-fi range.

This shack is from the Heroic scale Old West range.
I thought I'd try one out to see how it worked with the Malifaux figures before potentially buying numerous more of these.  A toe in the water as it were.  After all, I didn't want to spend lot's of money just to find they didn't work in scale with the figures...

This is what turned up in the post, after extraction from a decent padded jiffy style bag.
The Shack Pack
Pack contents

And this is what the contents look like after unpacking.
What you get is

A floor section, two side walls, two end walls, two roof sections, two triangular pieces that hold the removable roof together and a pack containing the porch roof, the supports, window and door frames.

Contents of the sub pack

The porch roof, supports and frames come in a separate pack.

You also get an A5 piece of paper with the instructions printed on it.  The instructions take the form of an exploded diagram of the shack and a couple of sentences below this.  This is more than you need but it does leave you wondering about a couple of things, namely how best to go about fitting it together and what type of glue to use.  It does say words to the effect that you fit the walls to the floor but doesn't really say which order to do this in.  Without the floor the walls don't fit together so well that they stay together on their own, so putting them together then fitting the floor to all walls at once is a tricky option.  If you insert the walls into the floor first and fit them together as you go, you do end up relying a little on flexibility and the last wall in is a tricky fit.  As a result I did end up with a slightly 'fluffed' tab on the bottom of one of the walls, which isn't going to help longevity if I want to flatten and build this each time I want to use it/ put it away.

With regard to gluing Sarissa have informed me they use PVA.  Whilst another option is to use Super glue, but this will, apparently, set quickly on the mdf.  I will probably be using PVA and will report back on the success or otherwise of this option.

Each piece of the kit is laser etched with appropriate texture - wooden boards, roof tiles etc..  everything looks lovely.

The kit smells a bit.  Like the ashes of a fire gone cold.  It's not unpleasent or overbearing, But it is there.

Once the dry fitting pieces have been put together it's time for a little gluing.  The window and door frames need to be glued into the relevant places on the outside of the building.

It's a quick and easy job to put this kit together, apart from the gluing I completed this shack in 10 minutes, even with experimentation to find the best way to fit it together.

Once complete it looks very nice indeed, whether or not it needs painting is a matter for consideration as it actually looks rather good as it is.

Check back shortly for part two of this review where I will post pictures of the completed shack and also discus it's suitability as Malifaux scenery.

Part 2 of the review

Sarissa Precision

(Previsouly published elsewhere January 2011)

gaming resolutions

It's that time of year, they're all doing it, so why shouldn't I?  That's right, it's gaming resolutions time.

Thing is, you see, it's virtualy pointless for me to do this.  I have a full time job, a 15 month old son, and I'm having to find a new place, pack and move all within the next couple of months..
However, that all said, here's my 'aims' for 2012.

Play more - I now have two possible opponents, my regular and a good friend who's had his first intro game and is interested in more, so this may be feasible, other restraints permitting.  Also there is a gaming club not a million miles from here that I could get to on a Sunday evening.

Paint more - had a brief period last year where the painting picked up a bit, but apart from a few finished sorrows all that left me was a bunch of half finished models.  And of course I now have new stuff I'd rather paint than finish the half done stuff.  Minimum one evening a week shouldn't be unreasonable.

(c) Wyrd miniatures.
Paint an entire crew - Will focus my painting toward my new Rasputina crew and try and get them finished.  Not entirely certain on a scheme yet but they're likely to be similar across the crew so should make completing the crew easier (if I don't get bored).

Stick to buying Arcanists - At least for a few months, so I don't get distracted from painting the crew and playing them.

Buy Twisting fates - I still don't have this, must rectify.

Paint better - painting more will help but I need to be brave and try out some new techniques maybe.

And that's it.  Nothing unusual or desperately exciting, but hopefully this will serve to focus my efforts.

(Previously published elsewhere January 2012)

new crew

So, after Christmas brought nothing what so ever hobby wise I was left to my own devices as to which new crew to purchase next.  In the end there was only one choice for me, though Resers had been appealing to me for a while it was Arcanists that grabbed my attention when money was on the line.  So, Rasputina or Colette?  Well, Colette had been top of my list recently but, in the end, as per usual, fluff got the best of me.  That and the fact that I've always liked Rasputina, and I just love the SnowStorm model.

So, what did I get?  Here's my haul:

Cult of December box set, SnowStorm, Silent one, Hoarcat Pride and Essence of Power.
To me this was a combination of models I liked, Cult of December and things that are more strategic.
The Essence of Power is the strategic option.  I really like the Wendigo model but the EoP enhances Rasputinas casting more so is considered the better bet.
The Hoarcat pride is a model.fluffy choice.  Not generally found in tournament lists I like it and will in fact be getting a second set at some point as the benefit from more prides nearby.
SnowStorm was bought as it can be a strategical piece in large SS games but mostly 'cos I adore the model.  Can't wait to get it together and paint it.  It is an expensive piece SS wise at 11SS, so probably only for 35ss games and above I think.
Finally the silent one, again a lovely model that also enhances the team.
There are a number of models I want to add before I consider this crew complete, Gunsmith(s), Another Silent one , another Hoarcat Pride, and I want to add a Coryphee duet team to it, not a Cult model but something that can move fast, hit, then get out again will add a dimension to this team that it just doesn't have.  A mechanical rider might find it's way in at some point as well for similar reasons.
I'm also intending to add Kaeris at some point.

Now I need to start considering strategies and game plans. :-) Oh, and paint schemes. And basing ideas, with snow - obviously.

(Previously published elsewhere December 2011)

musings on a new crew

Here I am again, my periodical phase where I try and decide which crew to purchase next.
(c) Sarissa Precision
I was thinking I'd get twisting Fates but as I've only a certain amount to spend and I'd like a new crew and some Sarissa Old west scenery then the book will have to wait.

Sarissa-precision Old West buildings

I've had a Resurrections itch for a while now.
Seamus was looking good along with his Avatar, but I think Kirai would now be favourite.  Spirits of Vengeance box, Lost love, Seishin, Gaki.  Would leave enough for one Wild West building.
Or, Nicodem/ Undertakers Lot with Mindless Zombies, Canine Remains, Flesh Construct & a Vulture.

Alternatively I'm rather Fancying some Arcanist action too.
Rasputina was at one point going to be my first master and I rather fancy a December crew.  Cult of December box with Silent one, Hoarcat Pride and SnowStorm is awfully tempting.. would want a number of other models too but they could wait until next month.
Lastly, my hot favourite for the past few months but now moving backwards into 2nd or 3rd place is Colette.  Showgirls Box set, Angelica, Coryphee Duet & Mechanical Doves to be started with.

So many great figures, so little money ;-(
I will wait until after Christmas, you never know I may get some hobby bits - although I don't think it's likely - and that might affect my choices.  I will of course keep you informed.

Happy Christmas all.

(previously published elsewhere December 2011)

painting - a tale of 3 sorrows and 2 ladies

So, finally got the time to 'complete' my sorrows.  I also did some work on Candy and Lady justice.

3 Sorrows and 2 Ladies

First off then the Sorrows.  Some work on 'rusting' the ironwork on the bases, believe it or not I also did their eyebrows and eyes.  Doubtless there's more work that could be done, in fact I've just noticed a few white spots on the bases to fill, however, this will do for now, or I'd be there forever.

Candy I had started last week, just worked on the base which still needs a little tidying up, however, this time it was time to start work on Candy herself.

Not the best photo, the light colours are so washed out by the flash.

Anyway, pretty simple stuff so far.
Her pale flesh is Valejo Ivory, her clothes a mix of Hermagaunt Purple and White with White lace trim.
Her hair was painted Sunburst Yellow and then washed with a watered down mix of Golden Yellow and Baal Red, though I notice I've missed a couple of bits with the wash which could prove tricky to replicate if necessary.

Reasonably happy with her so far, wondering how I'm going to make her hair look Blonde and not yellow from here. Also worried about doing her eyes, so difficult yet critical.

Lady Justice
Lasty, Lady Justice.  From scratch, wasn't sure how I was going to paint her so was just winging it.  I did once have a plan, but.. well.
She was part of my badly undercoated batch of figures so my first step was a black wash to reduce the effect of the rough finish.  Went with blue for the jeans.  It's a bright blue but one that I should be able to make look reasonable with washing and highlights.  Her flesh painted Bronzed Flesh and then began to highlight with Ivory.  However, I realised that highlighting and shading was probably unwise prior to painting her hair, blindfold, gloves and top.  Being not the most accurate of painters it's almost guaranteed that I'll be making some mistakes that will need correction.
Next up was her hair, I really didn't know where to go here, in the end it had to be red, but I'm aiming for a fairly 'natural' red.  So, I based her hair with Caltharn Brown and then washed it with Baal Red, however I notice I've not covered very well with the wash..  There's so much hair.  Just keep finding more bits of it to paint.. But it's key to this model, must make a good job of it.  her gloves, top and blindfold I've painted black.  I'm not sure I shouldn't have made the blindfold another colour, perhaps whatever colour I paint the scabbard.
The base was painted using foundation colours Khemri Brown and Knarloc Green.  The base will get in the way a bit, but nothing so bad that it can't be managed I don't think.  I've noticed through the photo that there are a few bits of undercoat showing through, especially around her trousers, however it should be easy enough to correct.
Taking photo's of your work is such a valuable painting technique.  It really shows up any imperfections.  Expect a dedicated post on the subject soon (ish).

(Previously published elsewhere November 2011)

painting - how to get it wrong

OK, this one is tough for me.  I have to show you my worst piece of painting ever.. Not that my usual painting is all that.
So, without further ado, here it is..

Pretty bad huh?
So what went wrong?

Bad undercoat.
Paints too thin
Badly posed (for painting purposes)
Should have been painted before being glued together.
Missed areas
Paint where it shouldn't be.

Is there anything else?  Could there be anything else?
Lets break this down..

Undercoat.  I have struggled for some time with white spray undercoats.  I'm fine with black, goes on fine, but white?  Shake it as much as I like, whatever brand, whatever temperature, it just goes on gritty and not smoothly.  This model was one of a batch that I did as a last attempt.  I should have stripped it but I didn't.  I've since started hand undercoating using Foundation paints as I don't like to undercoat in black as I can't see the detail.  I've also found that a wash applied afterwards counteracts much of the problems that arise from such a poor undercoat.
The roughness of the finish is murder on your brushes, and makes it difficult to control where the paint goes, especially if you..

Make your paints too thin.  Had a brain storm, decided really thin paints were the way to go.  Which maybe it might be in the right conditions, but with this rough finish the paints just get pulled all over the shop I think via capillary action or something similar.  Check out the paint from the hood on his face and the big line across his chest.  Again a pre-wash would have limited this problem, but never the less it was rather stupid and naive of me.

Badly Posed.  Well, I don't mind the pose really, but it makes it almost impossible to get every surface covered in paint.
Check out the crook of his bent arm.. There's a bloody great white patch, and trust me, there's more of it than you can see here, some form the arm, some from the torso, so multiple colours will be required.  We might have a view in form here but getting a brush in there?  it might be possible to get it all covered, but make a good neat job of it?  I'm not so sure.

Which means it would have been much better to have painted this model before I put it together.  My impatience has cost me again.  I rarely pre-paint and I really aught to, it can pay dividends.  The alternative is to find a pose that isn't going to cause you problems, but do give it some consideration before you apply the glue.
The base would have been much easier to make a good job of if I'd painted it before glueing the figure on, with the fallen statue facing the Executioner it's going to be a 'right laugh' getting any detail painted on it.  Might have to leave it as base coat and wash.

Missed areas.  This is just plain sloppy on my part.  If I have an excuse it's the poor light I work in most of the time.  Poor lighting is unhelpful with any of the issues I've had with this figure so do ensure you have plenty of lighting, daylight bulbs if you can.

Paint where it shouldn't be.  Again, this is just me being sloppy.  Mostly this will be easy to tidy up, but is just another example of things to get wrong.  Don't paint when you're tired, be careful and steady handed.  Odd misplaced spots are not unusual, but can be avoided.  Luckily they can also be easily covered, especially if you're using foundation paints that cover so well.

I think it's going to be tough to turn this into anything other than a poor figure, but I'll post my efforts once done.

(previously published elsewhere November 2011)

more painting and initial liquid green stuff thoughts

A little more painting done last night and my first use of Games Workshop's Liquid Green Stuff.
Elbow gap

First the LGS.
I had, as mentioned previously, stuck the arm on Santiago but the glue had left a gap.


It was my intent to fill this gap using LGS.  So I popped the lid on the bottle, selected a brush - Nylon bristled - and painted green stuff into the crack.

Worked  a treat, how simple.  Any excess was easily wiped away and the result seems quite neat, although there's still a little extra on there that I will have to trim off later I think, in the crease on the left hand side as you look at it.

Wash brush thoroughly after use, it's easy to do, comes off nearly as easily as paint, but I wouldn't use my best brushes for it.

The proof will be in the painting I think, so no formal conlcusion, but until then a big thumbs up.

On to painting then.  I did not finish off the Sorrows, which I aught really to have done, but decided to partly move on to something new from the Neverborn and partly make some further progress with models that were half done or less from my Guild collection.

Candy, Austringer & terrible Executioner

Here then is a picture of how the 3 relevant figures were when I thought I'd finished last night, as you can see the Executioner was simply awful, I was aware that he was in trouble but not quite how bad things were until I took and viewed this photo.  Just about everything you can do wrong with a figure I'd done wrong here.  I've decided to dedicate an entire blog post as a lesson to those that listen.  As I hope you can see here though, I've started to tidy things up where I can.

Candy, Austringer & still terrible but improving? Executioner

The work on the Guild models last night consisted in applying a wash of Devlan Mud on the Austringers bird.  On the Executioner I finished off his claws/ backpack and pipes, applied a dry brush of Gretchin Green on the base before tidying up the statue and applying a Devlan Mud wash to the statue.

The work on Candy was entirely on the base, I decided to complete the base before taking on Candy herself hoping, by dividing it this way, to keep it to two smaller projects to concentrate on and complete, rather than getting bogged down in too much at once.
Candy with base near complete.

Firstly I applied some Liquid Green Stuff arounf the edge of the base insert to fill the gap, this worked nicely but I should probably have been more patient and applied a second layer before painting.

The stonework and sewage were treated the same way as the sorrows, though it looks like a re-visit with the wash on the sewage might be required.

The Ironwork I treated a little differently.  The phones flash has, to some extent, washed out the detail and shading.  I went for a brighter finish this time.  Boltgun Metal base, then Shining  Gold was over-brushed onto parts of the flat surfaces very lightly.  I did not apply the black wash this time though I think maybe I should have.  The 'decoration' on the pipe was painted with Shining Gold.  Burning orange was applied to certain areas to represent rust and then the whole thing was washed with Gryphone Sepia.  As gaming quality was the aim I think this will suffice.  If I was aiming for better I would have applied some highlights along the edges of further Boltgun Metal and applied a black wash before the rust and Sepia wash.  Need to apply highlights to the stonework, then I'm ready to go to work on Candy.

I look forwad to cpmpleting Candy.  The Executioner will be a pain in the neck.  Look for a specific post shortly.

(Originally painted elsewhere November 2011)