Who am I?

Although I've been playing and collecting Malifaux for well over 18 months now in many respects I'm still very much a newb.
Due to recent fatherhood, house moves and a new job my game time has been limited, and my hobby time come to think of it.
But it's not dulled my enthusiasm for Malifaux so I'm collecting faster than I can build, paint and play.
Blogging keeps my enthusiasm up, focuses it and makes me think about it.  I hope you'll find something of interest here.

I, like so many before me, was originally into WarHammer (Fantasy), where I collected Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves and Tomb Kings.  I was into the Malifaux figures before Malifaux existed as a game but didn't buy my first one until after Malifaux existed as a game.

My first crew was Lady Justice, then Pandora.  I've added Perdita and Zoraida as separate figures rather than box sets.  My latest purchase was Pandora's Cult of December as she was so nearly my first and SnowStorm is too cool to resist.  So I've a toe in Guild, Neverborn & Arcanists.  I've a feeling it wont be long before I'm experimenting with resurrectionists as well.  The only Outcasts crew I'm interested in is the Victorias, but as my friend runs them it'll be a whlie before I go in that direction I think.

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