Friday, 22 February 2013

malifaux minions - death marshals

4ss minion, not desperately mobile, reasonable ranged ability and a couple of defensive buffs make these fellas useful, but by no means an auto-include.

I've often wondered at the paring of Death Marshals and Lady Justice, in the face of it, it doesn't quite gel for me.

Still, it's nice that they can get Melee expert, but chances are you'll want to keep them at range.  At range they can still benefit from Lady Justices Inspiring Swordplay giving them a +2cb, for a 7cb 2/3/5 12" ranged shot with critical strike.. nice for a 4ss minion.  But don't forget that buff!! I do all the time, it's so annoying.  But, this means in order to get the most out of your DM's you need to throw LJ into the thick of things and have her activate first, or at least before any Marshals each turn.  She needs to be incisive and decisive.  Believe me if you dither about with Lady Justice you wont win many games.

Monday, 18 February 2013

lost love tournament - round up

Right then, my first tournament.  Actually, a lot of peoples first tournament.
Overall it was nice and friendly and a lot of fun, but I did find fitting four games in rather hard work.  I think I'd have liked an earlier start and a bit more space between games, especially at lunch time.  There were 31 players in all, which unfortunately meant someone had to have a bye each round.  It's a pity but there's not much can be done about it.
The tables were set up nicely with a good amount of scenery and a couple of the tables even had a steam train on them which was ace.  I'm not used to playing with so much scenery so it was interesting having to take it into account for a change.
We all got a bag with 4 wooden laser etched markers which was a very nice touch, thank you to whoever provided those.

My blister was a Guardian as I thought Lady J and a Guardian has to be a tough nut for anyone to crack right?  Well, almost as it turns out..

Thursday, 14 February 2013

lost loves tournament - the prequel (or getting my excuses in early)

Hello all, if you've read this blog before you may be aware that this Sunday I will be taking part in the Lost Loves tournament at Table Top Nation in Hockley.

This is a 25ss fixed master tournament aimed at beginners as well as more experienced tournament players.  Crew selection is restricted to a box set and one blister (with certain caveats for summoners).

I'm really very excited to be taking part in my first tournament and I'm looking forward to experiencing the tournament scene first hand.  Judging from the friendliness and willingness to help on the forum thread it's going to involve a great bunch of people I'm looking forward to meeting.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

lost love tournament - crew selection, not much choice

So, I've finally done it, I've booked myself into the Lost Loves tournament next Sunday. A fine chance to make myself look like an idiot as it's been sooo long since I've played.  In addition I've probably only ever played few more than half a dozen games and most of those didn't get finished.  Still, am stoked to be in the running for the wooden spoon ;-).

Crew selection then.  In the end this has been taken out of my hands.  A requirement for crews to be at least base coated has left me with one option - Lady Justice.  More of my Perdita crew than I realised (basically all of it) would need building as well as base coating and as I already have already indicated everything I'd want (albeit only 3 models) for a Rasputina crew would also need building.  So, I've no idea where my paints are, I don't know where my files and scalpels are.. building and painting are out.  So it's Lady Justice for me.