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Good Malifaux blog - Malifaux Nube
UK based tournament/Malifaux blog - MyhticFox
New blog - Worst Malifaux player
Another good Malifaux blog - Mongoose
Malifaux blog form a UK henchman - Welcome to Malifaux
Malifaux and Hobby articles in this Blog - New Fairbank News
Malifuax Blog - White Rabbits Legendary Blog
Skill less or not? - Skill less Brian
A blog with an increasing Malifaux content and good painting - The Dark Templar
Not always Malifuax - Tales from the Warzone

A good place to get your Malifaux supplies


Excellent if infrequent Malifaux Podcast - The Aethervox
Another excellent pod cast with plenty of Malifaux coverage - Gamers Lounge
Cheated Fates radio, Malifaux podcast - Cheated Fates
UK based, randomly timed podcast - BayouBroadcast

Malifaux sites

Creators of Malifaux - Wryd Games, brilliant if high bandwidth site with good resources such as a map and crew builder - Malifaux
A collective that publish essays and articles about Malifaux - SoulStone Society


Forum for Malifaux and other Wyrd games - wyrd forum

Useful Stuff

Corrections to card miss-prints - Card fixes
Very useful wiki with information about all factions and most minions - Pull my finger
Lots of useful downloads and programs - Ratty's Pages
South Essex Malifaux facebook page - for arranging games and opponents
Wyrds Errata and Clarifications - Rules updates


Scenery & terrain

Scenery - Sarissa Precsion
Scenery from Australia - Aetherworks
More Wild West - Wargame Buildings
US Based Wild West and more - GameCraft


Terrain Geek - Terrain Geek
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