Tuesday, 12 February 2013

lost love tournament - crew selection, not much choice

So, I've finally done it, I've booked myself into the Lost Loves tournament next Sunday. A fine chance to make myself look like an idiot as it's been sooo long since I've played.  In addition I've probably only ever played few more than half a dozen games and most of those didn't get finished.  Still, am stoked to be in the running for the wooden spoon ;-).

Crew selection then.  In the end this has been taken out of my hands.  A requirement for crews to be at least base coated has left me with one option - Lady Justice.  More of my Perdita crew than I realised (basically all of it) would need building as well as base coating and as I already have already indicated everything I'd want (albeit only 3 models) for a Rasputina crew would also need building.  So, I've no idea where my paints are, I don't know where my files and scalpels are.. building and painting are out.  So it's Lady Justice for me.

Actually, I have other options, thank you to all you wonderful people who've offered to lend figures/ cards or even entire crews.  It's a tribute to this great community that you'd be prepared to lend someone you've never met your figures.  Thank you.  However, I think, as I can, I'll use a crew I have.

So Lady J it is.  What with?  Well, Judge and 2 Death Marshalls, then I think either an Austringer, The Executioner for some Melee fun or, very possibly if I can borrow one, a Guardian.  I think with a Guardian in tow I can just throw LJ at whatever I want and hope to see her through it.  I think that's as sophisticated as my tac-tics for the weekend will get :-)

I'm looking forward to playing a few games in a single day and meeting some of the people I commune with via twitter and facebook.

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