Thursday, 14 February 2013

lost loves tournament - the prequel (or getting my excuses in early)

Hello all, if you've read this blog before you may be aware that this Sunday I will be taking part in the Lost Loves tournament at Table Top Nation in Hockley.

This is a 25ss fixed master tournament aimed at beginners as well as more experienced tournament players.  Crew selection is restricted to a box set and one blister (with certain caveats for summoners).

I'm really very excited to be taking part in my first tournament and I'm looking forward to experiencing the tournament scene first hand.  Judging from the friendliness and willingness to help on the forum thread it's going to involve a great bunch of people I'm looking forward to meeting.

I'm also pretty nervous.  I'm desperate not to make a complete fool of myself and yet it's been a year since I've played, a year since I read the rule book, almost a year since I looked at the stat cards.. oh dear.

Unfortunately having a young baby in the family, and a toddler rather dents my available reading time.  I will en devour to make myself more familiar with at least some of the core rules before Sunday but I rather think I may be reliant on nice friendly opponents helping me through here.  This may seem odd for a blogger on the subject, but the simple thing is that due to family commitments over the past year or two my gaming has been near to non-existent and if I look back I've probably played no more than 8 games of Malifaux all told, maybe 10, most of which weren't finished.

Ah well, can't be helped, my refresher game has been cancelled due to Valentines day as well.

However, I feel I am in the running for a trophy.. The Wooden Spoon!  There will be a wooden spoon so maybe I'll get a memento of the day, other than good memories.

Realistic hopes?  To not loose every game, there will be other inexperienced players there so maybe I can salvage something.

I'd like to say I've got thoroughly planned schemes set by for every possible strategy/ opponent combo.. but I don't.  My basic plan is hit hard and have fun.

Currently I believe there are 34 or so players taking part which is awesome and just shows there's a market for a tournament scene in this neck of the woods.

Looking forward to meeting you all, see you Sunday.

I will try to tweet during the day, keep an eye on @MFauxBlog.  Not sure what hash tag is going to be used.

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  1. This event sounds like a great introduction into tournaments, I really wish I could go.
    I have only played a few games myself, but this is due to availability of players local to me (North Wales) no local Henchmen either.

    Good luck in the tournament.