Tuesday, 8 January 2013

lost love tournament - crew selection part 1, initial thoughts.

Well, this is new territory for me.  Selecting a crew for a tournament.

This is a fixed master tournament so one size must fit all.  I can select 25 ss from a pool created from a starter box and one extra minion type, i.e. contents of one extra blister or box, so can't take an infinite number of anything  just what comes in a blister, plus a Totem.  It's very much a case of finding something that's going to be OK against as many different opponents as possible, or take a crew more effective against specific crews and hope for the luck of the draw?

Additional rationale..

I need something simple, I'm not a fast player so I want a few pieces, preferably fairly straight forward ones so I don't bog myself and my opponent down with options.  Doppelganger for instance.. probably not a good idea - excuse me, what does he do? And what about that one?.. could take a while.

I have got only 5 masters - Rasputina, Lady Justice, Perdita, Pandora and Zoraida.

Zoraida is out as I don't have any of the rest of her box.

I like wise thought that Perdita was out for the same reason but it turns out that Santiago, Fracisco & Nino are just about right for a 25ss game so she's back in.

Rasputina - Would need building so from a practical standpoint she's probably out.  However I can't help but feel that Rasputina, Snow Storm and Ice Golem would make a crew that would be quick to use if not especially effective.  Would it be OK or too easy to play against I wonder?

Lady Justice - plenty of choice for her, even if it did mean playing an awfully painted Death Marshall.

Pandora - Lot's of choice, some of it painted, but probably too complex to play unless I can find time for some trial games meanwhile   Feel she's a hot and cold master, potentially deadly but a dead duck against the wrong opponent.

Currently heading toward Perdita, though my only game with her so far wasn't a great success.  And against the wrong opponent she may be next to useless..

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