Monday, 7 January 2013

new year - new challenge

Hello Malifauxers, it's been a while.
Popped back to do a couple of things, firstly, a quick review of last years gaming resolutions & secondly, rather more excitedly, a quick announcement regarding a tournament I'm expecting to enter..

So, last years resolutions, how did I do?
Well, as you might expect, given I've had no gaming since April, not very well..

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Play more - didn't happen.
Paint more - didn't happen.
Paint an entire crew - didn't happen.
Stick to buying Arcanists - well, I didn't buy anything else :-)
Buy Twisting Fates - Achieved, though I've still got some of it to read.
Paint better - a vague resolution at best, but not achieved due to lack of funding.

So, not a complete failure, but, well it was really wasn't it, after April I've just had no hobby time, no hobby facilities, not played any games.. It's just the way the world has worked.  I could have made time, but at the expense of time spent looking after and with my kids.  It's a no brainer, sorry Malifaux you'll have to wait.

Having said that..

Table Top Nation in Hockley Essex is the location for a 25ss fixed master tournament  The Lost Love tournament on 17th Feb.   As this is my back yard, I just have to go :-)  It's non ranking and aimed at beginners as well as providing a different challenge to more experienced players.  Given that, despite my blogging, I've probably only had 8 games of Malifaux and most of those haven't been finished, I still consider myself a beginner, certainly it would be my first tournament.
Details can be found here Lost Love Tournament.

The tournament is based around a few straightforward rules in order to appeal to beginners.  You can only select your crew from a starter box and one extra minion from an expansion box/ blister.  In addition you can take the masters Totem.  Summoning masters may take one extra minion type for summoning.  No Henchmen, no Avatars.  Painting not required - phew ;-)
In order to enter I will need to find my gaming boxes from the Shed and possibly glue a few figures together, but as no painting is required so finding a crew is all I need to do.

And finding a crew may be key to my next question.. which crew to take?  I have, if memory serves, 5 masters - Lady Justice, Perdita, Zoraida, Pandora & Rasputina.  Perdita and Zoraida, unfortunately, I did not buy as boxed sets for so I don't have enough crew to be able to take them to this tournament  leaving the other 3.  Rasputina would require the most work (gluing) to get on the table, Lady Justice would involve taking embarrassingly badly painted figures & I'm not sure Pandora isn't going to struggle as I feel there may be too many wp immune masters/crews out there these days?  More details regarding this choice to follow in another post.  Whoever I choose the good news is I get to play some Malifaux :-) I get something to blog about :-)  Stay tuned for more crew selection hand wringing and belly aching.

It's nice to be back folks, even if it's only for a short while.  Happy new year. x

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