Wednesday, 11 January 2012

a start on rasputina and her crew

Had first hobby night in a while last night so I had grand thoughts that I'd quickly put together my entire Arcanists crew (Rasputina, 3 Ice Gamin, Ice Golem, Snow Storm, Essence of Power & Hoarcat Pride).  Actually I knew I wasn't going to get the Ice Golem done due to lack of 40mm base but otherwise I was hopeful.
Little did I suspect how SnowStorm was going to scupper my plans.

The SnowStorm model is the one, the driving force behind me going for a Rasputina crew.  OK I liked the Rasputina crew before SnowStorm but this model is just awesome and really swung me away from Colette.  So, first thing I head for on my Arcanist night?  No prizes, it's SnowStorm.

Snow Storm is a part Resin part metal kit, I take out the resin pieces, I have my tooth brush ready for a gentle scrubbing to remove any mould release agent left behind so it glues and paints perfectly first time.  But, first, mould lines, taking out my trusty scalpel I prepare to remove the mould lines.  This shouldn't take long, I'm sure it's a nice clean kit.
Yeah right.  Double mould lines across all the hair on it's shoulders and back?  Lovely.  Splendid.  Thanks.

I'm not sure how long I spent removing flash off this model.  An hour, maybe an hour and a half.  It's not finished yet.  I want to make a good job of it, so I'm making sure that I don't mess it up, or I'm trying to anyway.

Meanwhile one of the arms, the kit comes as 3 parts of resin which are the torso, legs and head in one lump and two arms and  his antlers and the smaller figure are made of metal, fits fairly well, the other does not and will need a lot of Green Stuff.  Probably too much for using Liquid green Stuff.

Rasputina based.

So, after a while I got fed up of removing flash and instead started to look at Rasputina and the contents of her Cult of December box set.

Rasputina herself comes with her arms separate.  Her tiny, tiny little arms..  still, she wasn't so bad and I got the arms on in a position that I like.  Her base, and indeed that of the Gamin I'll get to in a minute, will be a snow & rock theme.  Nothing unusual in that but I had no better ideas and it'll still look good enough if I can make a half decent job of it.

As you can see from the picture I've still a some flash to remove form her but nothing that shouldn't be quite easy to remove.

The Gamin are quite small models.  they're quite fun with some quirky poses.  Again they are on rocks and will be accompanied by snow once painted.
Rasputina and Ice Gamin

No Pictures of Snow storm, but then again there isn't much to see. When there is I'll post something.  Might be a while though with all the flash removal and green stuff required.

(Previously published elsewhere January 2012)

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