Wednesday, 2 May 2012

malifaux in the bath

I'm a big fan of a good long hot bath.  Soaking away the aches and stresses of the day.  And what can be better than soaking in bath, with a glass of wine, a bowl of your favourite snacks (peanuts or Frazzles) and browsing through your favourite gaming books.  But, there's a problem..

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
The Rules manual, is, I find, just right for reading in the bath.  The other Malifaux books are not.  They are too large in format (risk of damp corners) and heavy.  I cannot lie in a bath and comfortably hold them long enough to read anything worthwhile..

This is a pity.  reading the rules manual is a worthwhile exercise, it is however, in some ways, the least interesting book for Malifaux with no fluff and no model details to read through planning your next build or  purchases.

So I'd love it if Wyrd would publish all it's books in both formats.  A wow, that looks awesome, check out the artwork, large format, and a cute, handy, I can read that in the bath format.
Would anyone else like to see Wyrd publish the other books in the small format as well?  I would almost certainly buy both, the large format for the pleasure of the artwork in a larger size, the smaller for convenience.  Perhaps, there should be a delay between publishing the different formats to encourage large book uptake, or maybe the small format should be editions of two books together or even fluff only, I'd buy that.

Still, it was nice to read something Malifaux related in the bath even if it was just reading through the description of each strategy.
I do sometimes read the wyrd forums on my phone, but I get nervous, I might drop it and then where would I be?  Especially as my macbook pro has just coughed it's last and bitten the dust :-(  No phone as well? argh!!

I guess I could read through the cards of figures I've bought, spend some time making sure I know them, or download and print off the pdf's that wyrd have published for the v2 cards, but you will be limited to only some of the models though and it's increasingly the case, I find, that when planning a crew I need to look through all the books.

Anyone else got any bath friendly Malifaux reading tips they could share?  I like a nice bath and reading as I relax is a wonderful thing, but reading rules is less relaxing.  I need something else..

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