Monday, 16 January 2012

weekend thoughts

Not much of interest, but a few thoughts from the weekend.

Enjoyed hearing of the UK Masters tournament event.  Kept in touch via the wonder of Twitter.  It has made me fancy having a pop at a tourney this year.  Not because I think I'd win but simply because it seems to me there are a lot of fun people out there playing Malifaux and I'd like to meet some of them.
It seems filth lists were the order of the day.. There's some talk of wyrd needing to even things out, that some things are broken.  I don't see it myself, we've all got the choice..  If you want to win pick a master that will win.  If you're more interested fluff or models because of how they look then select accordingly, it's what I do.
A totally even game is a dull place to be.  As it is the power level shifts between books anyway so what does it matter?

Was able to spend a little more time on SnowStorm.  Have decided that rather than 2 mould lines it's really more like on large, wide line that's about 3 - 4mm wide.  Very tricky to clear up but I am getting there.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
I've been doing some thinking and research as to a paint scheme for my December crew and I think I'm coming down on the side of White.  Which is going to be a pain.  I've painted white before when I started a white Scars Space Marine force.  What bothers me about it is that I really want to try and stay within a white pallet, white, cream, Ivory, a little shading in a pale brown maybe and that'd be it.  I've seen s few figures like this and they're superb, but, get it wrong and it'll be awful I think.  So my thoughts continue, but, if I can get this white/cream scheme straight in my head I may well go for it.

Talking of paint schemes, this thread on the Wyrd forums is well worth a look.  Mako's Crew(s)
Painting and sculpting of the very highest caliber.

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