Saturday, 14 January 2012

uk masters

The UK Malifaux masters is underway.  The top 16 players meeting up for the ultimate contest.
I suggest you revert to twitter for up to date progress, follow @MythicFOX83, @UkRocky90, @ImMagicPockets, @GingerestNinja & @CalmdownUK for latest news and results.  Or search for #mfauxm.

Whilst there why not follow me too? @russoliver.

There might also be a thread on the wyrd Malifaux forums.

UPDATE: Overnight top 6 after 4 games according to twitter as far as I'm able to tell:


UPDATE: UK Masters of Malifaux 2012 was won by @ImMagicPockets, 2nd was @CalmDownUK.
Congratulations to all who took part and thanks for all the tweeting keeping us up to date.
Please check here for full names of the top 4

Looks like Hamelin and Lord Chompy Bits ruled the weekend but full lists should be being published soon on wyrd forums and I believe on

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