Friday, 13 January 2012

february releases

Wyrd have posted their February releases on the forum:  February Releases

Here are my favourites from this months selection.

Witchling Handler

Witchling Handler (c) Wyrd Miniatures

Original artwork (c) Wyrd Miniatures

I really like this figure, very much reflective of the gorgeous artwork.  I currently have no Withcling Stalkers, but I feel I may have to change that.  I'll certainly get this figure at some point, even if just to paint.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

Kirai Avatar

This is a gorgeous sculpt, really organic and flowing.  The sleeves are almost too much for me, but I love the detail of Kirai lying on the floor, her hand reaching out.  If I ever get Kirai, and she's top of my resers list, I'll definately be getting this figure too.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

Rafkin the Embalmer

Yet another reason to go resurs sooner rather than later.  nice figure.  Though I know I've no chance of re-creating those trousers, beautiful paint job here really helps to sell the figure.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures

Ghost Town Bases

Lastly this month I love the Ghost Town bases.  They look cool at all sizes, however it's the 50mm which I love the most.  It really looks like a diorama all by itself.  It wont suit all figures, SnowStorm wont look in place on here for instance, but, get the correct figure and it's going to look so very very cool on here.

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