Thursday, 19 January 2012

crew creator

Fed up with deciding which models can be used with which masters under which circumstances?

What you need is an app, something that knows all the rules, prevents you from making invalid selections and shows you how many Soul Stones you have left to select from and what your pool will be.

What you need can be found on Malifaux's web site, right here - Crew Creator

This excellent little on-line app is truly superb.
Select your faction and game type, game size, Master(s) and Henchman with Totems or without and if applicable select your masters Avatar.

Crew Creator

Then select your minions.  Special forces and mercenaries are all handled correctly dependant on master.

Nothing could be easier.

Each minion is listed in a colour relevent to the faction it is from, Guild Burgandy, Arcanists Blue etc.. so you can see where you're hiring out of faction.

Add and delete minions, see what mix you can come up with.

If you change your master, and you can, the list will also disappear, which is a pity but hard;y surprising.

One thing I'd like to change is the seemingly random order that Minions are listed in the drop downs.  They're not listed alphabetically, or by faction or soul stone value.  It'd be nice if you could specify how you want them listed.

In addition you have to be on-line to use it.  Please Wyrd, can we have this as an App soon?  (Android preferably).

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