Saturday, 14 April 2012

changing tides of malifaux addiction

I am nothing if not fickle and mercurial when it comes to my Malifaux addiction.
How I envy those who can stick to a single faction or even to a long term plan.
Stick to Arcanists was my motto going in to 2012.  how long did that last?
Looks like not long as I now have a Collodi hankering big time.
I have Zoraida sitting there un-loved, un-assembled and most definately un-painted.
Having looked through Twsting Fates Avatar Zoraida is one of the few Avatars  I'd consider that matches my current crop of masters. Avatar Justice, Pandora and Rasputina all being sub-par as far as I can see, although I'm beginning to wonder about aPandora (No, really, I have an idea, though I'm not sure it's one I'd want to play)
Collodi (c) Wyrd Miniatures
And those little dolls and marionettes look so frickin' cool, even Collodi is an excellent figure.
So, here's what I'm thinking of getting

Collodi blister
Marionettes blister
Puppet wars expansion pack three
Primordial magic (maybe)

Coppelius is not really part of this plan, but he's a figure I've wanted to add to my Neverborn collection for a while so I'm using this as an excuse.
As you can see I'm not getting the box set.  Why not?  Well, because I'm going to get a Puppet wars expansion set to use as my Wicked Dolls (my thanks to whoever posted that idea on the Wyrd form).  This way I get 8 wicked dolls that can also be used as the figures they actually represent, although I'll need to make some of them magnetised so they can be transferred to larger bases for that purpose.
Primordial Magic, I'm actually not a fan of this sculpt so I may drop this off the list unless it seems functionally too important to do without.

Overall plan then, with this crew, is fairly standard.  Zoraida does her thing, Collodi sods off and captures objectives etc.. Zoraida manifests and spawns more Wicked Dolls.  A mobile, fast crew with some Obey facility.. nice.  I've already got Stitched & an Insidious Madness to add to the mix as well if I feel the need.

There you go, nothing particularly original about this lot, need to read up and see if I can't spin my own take, but it's a crew I've been hankering after, so unless I stick to my Arcnaist guns and get mech Rider and December Acolyte, I think I've found my next round of purchases.  Shame I can't squeeze Avatar Zoraida in too.

And now, a week after originally drafting this I'm considering a change.. to Nicodem.  had a resur hankering for ages, couldn't pick a master but I recon' with Nicodem I may have found an Avatar I'd like to build and play!  But, would spamming Zombies be fun?  I dunno.. Argh  So then, Seamus, there's a cool Avatar.. No!!! Heeellpp Meeee!!

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