Wednesday, 11 January 2012

musings on a new crew

Here I am again, my periodical phase where I try and decide which crew to purchase next.
(c) Sarissa Precision
I was thinking I'd get twisting Fates but as I've only a certain amount to spend and I'd like a new crew and some Sarissa Old west scenery then the book will have to wait.

Sarissa-precision Old West buildings

I've had a Resurrections itch for a while now.
Seamus was looking good along with his Avatar, but I think Kirai would now be favourite.  Spirits of Vengeance box, Lost love, Seishin, Gaki.  Would leave enough for one Wild West building.
Or, Nicodem/ Undertakers Lot with Mindless Zombies, Canine Remains, Flesh Construct & a Vulture.

Alternatively I'm rather Fancying some Arcanist action too.
Rasputina was at one point going to be my first master and I rather fancy a December crew.  Cult of December box with Silent one, Hoarcat Pride and SnowStorm is awfully tempting.. would want a number of other models too but they could wait until next month.
Lastly, my hot favourite for the past few months but now moving backwards into 2nd or 3rd place is Colette.  Showgirls Box set, Angelica, Coryphee Duet & Mechanical Doves to be started with.

So many great figures, so little money ;-(
I will wait until after Christmas, you never know I may get some hobby bits - although I don't think it's likely - and that might affect my choices.  I will of course keep you informed.

Happy Christmas all.

(previously published elsewhere December 2011)

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