Wednesday, 11 January 2012

new crew

So, after Christmas brought nothing what so ever hobby wise I was left to my own devices as to which new crew to purchase next.  In the end there was only one choice for me, though Resers had been appealing to me for a while it was Arcanists that grabbed my attention when money was on the line.  So, Rasputina or Colette?  Well, Colette had been top of my list recently but, in the end, as per usual, fluff got the best of me.  That and the fact that I've always liked Rasputina, and I just love the SnowStorm model.

So, what did I get?  Here's my haul:

Cult of December box set, SnowStorm, Silent one, Hoarcat Pride and Essence of Power.
To me this was a combination of models I liked, Cult of December and things that are more strategic.
The Essence of Power is the strategic option.  I really like the Wendigo model but the EoP enhances Rasputinas casting more so is considered the better bet.
The Hoarcat pride is a model.fluffy choice.  Not generally found in tournament lists I like it and will in fact be getting a second set at some point as the benefit from more prides nearby.
SnowStorm was bought as it can be a strategical piece in large SS games but mostly 'cos I adore the model.  Can't wait to get it together and paint it.  It is an expensive piece SS wise at 11SS, so probably only for 35ss games and above I think.
Finally the silent one, again a lovely model that also enhances the team.
There are a number of models I want to add before I consider this crew complete, Gunsmith(s), Another Silent one , another Hoarcat Pride, and I want to add a Coryphee duet team to it, not a Cult model but something that can move fast, hit, then get out again will add a dimension to this team that it just doesn't have.  A mechanical rider might find it's way in at some point as well for similar reasons.
I'm also intending to add Kaeris at some point.

Now I need to start considering strategies and game plans. :-) Oh, and paint schemes. And basing ideas, with snow - obviously.

(Previously published elsewhere December 2011)

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