Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blog post - formating lost


just a quickie.  Hope you all enjoyed the twitter coverage of the UK's first ranking Malifaux tournament of the year.  Check out #mfauxice for details, and if you don't have a twitter account yet.. why not?  Lots of good Malifaux coverage there.

Meanwhile, apologies for the look of the blog right now.  I was messing around with the template when I lost everything.  Luckily I'd saved the layout before hand.  Unfortunately I hadn't.  All that had been saved was the layout. All formatting, colours and fonts was lost.  Great, what use is that feature google?

Anyway, finding a job and moving house are more important right now, but once achieved I will try and find a better colour set again.  Bear with me meanwhile.

Many thanks.

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