Wednesday, 11 January 2012

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Time for some Malifaux advice.

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Malifaux is a fabulously rich game.  Hundreds of miniatures, most of which have something to recommend them and many of which are nothing short of fabulous and interesting.  Each one has a full background and has it's place in the folk lore and tales that create the games universe & atmosphere.  Each one has it's own unique set of rules giving it it's own slant on the game and giving it's owner tantalising thought's of how they could use this model in a game.

In addition many of these models are not hugely expensive, making it even more tempting to add another one and another.  One of those will tip the balance.  With that in my crew I can do this and that and I've go to win..?  Right?  Does this or something similar sound familiar?

Well, I'm not here to stop you buying figures, but, I do think it's worth while trying any given list a number of times before giving up on it.  Until you've played a crew a number of times it's very hard to a) get all the rules correct and b) understand all the synergies between the models.
Even the simplest of crews has a number of things that require experience to really get to grips with.
Activation order for instance, try activating models in a different order, it can make a huge difference to how a crew plays.
Opposing crews - the crew you play against could well make a big difference to how your crew plays and it's effectiveness.
Rules - many characters have lots of rules, I find it very difficult to get a new figure right until it's been played half a dozen times sometimes, it's well worth persevering with until you know you've got it nailed.
So go ahead, add new figures, try out new crews, but don't give up on a model or crew until you've tried it many times.

(Previously published elsewhere November 2011)

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