Wednesday, 11 January 2012

random bits and pieces

Not too much to report but a few things I thought I'd jot down.

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Last night I put together Santiago Ortega.  Nicely modelled figure with little to no flash.  It's a two piece kit, his right arm is a separate piece.  This has a small contact point for gluing, there's a 'ball and socket' join to give more gluing area, but this was tricky to clean up as it was on this 'elbow' the arm was attached to the sprue.
Once I had it tidied up I was once again very grateful for my Filla Glu super glue and Kicka pen, which sets the glue off quickly.  My only worry is that the angle of the arm might make painting the face tricky, specifically his fabulous mutton chop sideburns, and I think they're important for this figure.  I should probably have pinned the arm in place but I am very impatient.  The glue, though I only used a very small amount, has left a gap between the parts of the arm.  I don't think the glue fills it all so this will give me a great opportunity to try out GW's Liquid Green Stuff tonight.  Will post pictures and thoughts on LGS afterwards.

Tonight I hope to finish off the Santiago build and to do some more painting.  The big question is what to paint?
I probably aught to finish off the Sorrows, but I'm mighty tempted to paint Candy, or Perdita, or maybe even Lady Justice.

On Thursday this week I will be giving my brother in law an introduction to Malifaux.  I plan to start with a very small game to get him used to the mechanics, before, if we have time, opening it up for something slightly larger.
hopefully I wont have to look too much up as we go along.
I'm planning on using 2 Guild crews - Lady Justice and Perdita, with 2 minions each.

There's a very interesting thread on the Wyrd miniatures forum regarding the future of Malifaux, worth a read if you have 10 minutes.  For what it's worth my take is that Malifaux is not and probably never will be 'complete'.  that we will see a regular output of new books and models.  Each of these will be independent of the main game (which I consider to be the Rules Manual, or first 2 books if you will) so you could play a core crew against an expanded crew quite reasonably, giving the player the choice as to whether or not to buy and play the expansion.
Anyway, you could check out the thread here - Malifaux Complete?

Scenery.  Don't know about you but I love having good scenery to play with.  However, when I sit down for a hobby evening it's the last thing on my mind, so I end up with half built un-painted scenery.  Here's a place selling laser cut HDF wild west buildings that I think would be fabulous for a game of Malifaux, I've added half a dozen of these buildings to my Christmas list. Check out Sarissa Precision cut Heroic scale Wild West buildings.

Lastly, I'm enjoying reading the  stories from Twisting Fates, should have bought this book a long time ago.  Am particularly enjoying the Ortega sections, Nicodems brief appearance and the Collette sections, this may fuel where I go next in my model collecting.

(Previously published elsewhere November 2011)

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