Wednesday, 11 January 2012

new additions for neverborn and guild

Managed to free some funds for new Malifaux additions at the weekend.
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Finally I've been able to pick up the second rule book - Rising Powers.  I love to read the stories in the Malifaux rule books and was feeling somewhat behind the curve now that 3 books are out.  So first step was to  rectify this a little bit.  The 3rd book will have to wait until Christmas I think, but it's good to have Rising Powers, enjoying reading the stories and finally being able to check out the full details of the 2nd books masters and Henchman, there are even a number of Minions that I've not heard of.  So, plenty of excellent reading ahead, beautiful book, as always, well presented with atmospheric and beautiful artwork.

The question remained though, what to spend the remainder of my money on?  The other book?  A boxed set, some of the single figures I've been after?  In the end I opted for another fate deck - this will enable me to play demo games against people who are interested in trying the game - some 50mm bases to use as blast templates and a few figures.

The first two figures I chose were easy - Perdita and Zoraida.  Giving me double my master count just like that.  Guild wise I already have half of Perdita's starting box crew and enough options to run her in a viable configuration.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures 
Then Zoraida.  I've been interested in her as a master for a while but I'm on keen on her box contents.  The Silurids might be viable but I'm not a great fan of them and I'm not at all keen on the Bad Ju Ju Mire Golumn, there fore buying her separately, as I think I have enough options for her, made sense.

(c) Wyrd Miniatures
I also picked up Santiago Ortega.  Not sure about this purchase yet.  It was a night before change to my wish list, which had Papa Loco and Abuela Ortega on it.  I changed my mind after reading the first book the night before, I'm still not sure if this was a good idea or not.  7 points.  I feel he's a bit much, and I'm not a huge fan of the model.  I may yet see if wayland games will allow me to swap him for something else.

Mature Nehpilim was my last pick.  He's a bit pricey but I wanted a reasonably quick beat stick to charge out and quickly kill a few weak opponent models, the mature Neph. seemed like a decent option for this, though possibly I could have left that for Teddy to do.

That's it, I didn't pick up Zoraida's Voodoo Doll as I'm not a great fan of the model.  I thought I'd try and build one myself, I have ambitions toward something like the 'bad things happen' doll.

(previously published elsewhere November 2011)

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