Wednesday, 11 January 2012

started pandoras crew

Managed, at last, to make a start on my Pandora crew. Not much of one admittedly but, it's a start none the less.

Having been given a sewer grill base by a friend who thought it would look cool to have a sorrow appearing from between the bars of the grill, I decided to put the entire crew on Sewer bases.  This had the added advantage that I had a set of sewer bases, and with the one given me I had enough for the entire crew box set.

So, in my 45 minutes I had to work I managed to trim up the 6 sewer bases I had and glue them into their plastic bases.

Once this was achieved I started work on one of the sorrows.  The idea of gluing to between bars of the grill was a nice but tricky one, in order to provide as strong a bond as possible I decided to leave part of the tab on the Sorrow.  This proved tricky to do given I was missing most of my modelling tools since my house move.  Still, with much sawing and filing I finally managed it and got the sorrow glued in - hurrah my first part of Pandoras crew together!

And, lucky boy that I am I still had time.  Not enough for another sorrow, but, my favourite model from this crew, Baby Kade.  A much easier option this one, the main problems being flash down the front left of his face and the underside of the figure needing a good filing in order to make him and his Teddy easily glue able to the base.

Pictures soon.

(originally published elsewhere August 2011)

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