Wednesday, 11 January 2012

painting sorrows pt 1

This is another post about an incomplete paint job, but these ones are on the way now.. I'm using a fairly quick technique involving the use of washes and consequently I've 3 nearly complete figures after about 4 hours of painting which is dead quick.  For me.

I base coated them white, then washed them with a coat of Badab Black.  Then after setting to dry I washed them again with Leviathan purple.

Next session I dry brushed over the purple wash with Skull White before another wash of Leviathan Purple.
Malifaux Sorrow, part painted.
After that I used foundation red on their tongues and skull white on the teeth.  I will shade the tongues and teeth a little though I'm not sure how yet.
The bases, which are sewers, were Adaptus battle grey base coat for the flag stones, Gretchin Green for the sewage and Bolt gun metal for the metal work.  I've washed the stones and metal work on one of the bases heavily with Badab black and started the sewage with a Ogrin flesh wash.

The white undercoat wash method seemed a good approach for these figures.  They are convoluted and I don't have the patience (or ability) to do all that by hand.  Using this approach gives you a nicely shaded figure with minimal input.. The only real issue for me is they don't have the 'pop' that I like on the table top.  But perhaps once they're finished a manually applied highlight may help.

The camera flash makes the figure look lighter than it does in real life.  As you can see haven't done the eyes yet and the base needs finishing.  need to highlight the stone work, weather and rust the pipes and complete the sewage.

I do like the way it looks like it's emerging from the grill.

They go into battle tonight.  ;-) Wish me luck.

(previously published elsewhere October 2011)

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