Wednesday, 11 January 2012

neverborn new additions

For first time in ages I had a few quid spare and managed to get to my local suppliers to re-inforce my Neverborn crew in light of my enjoyable first Pandora outing.

Previously I had the Pandora box set of Pandora, Baby Kade, Candy and 3 Sorrows, a Teddy and 3 additional sorrows.
Now I've added the following -

Insidious Madness - I've heard good things for these, especially with Pandora as they provide plenty more will power tests for models to take.  It looks rather fragile though, perhaps I should have more of them at only 4SS but I'll try this one out and see how it gets on.

Dopplegänger - Again I've heard good things, Mimicking Pandoras' 1 wound per failed WP test could be nasty.

Stitched together - Not sure exactly how these are going to work, but they should fit well with Pandora, have Cannot Die' which may allow for a double activation the round they're killed.

Nothing individually tough or combat nasty but between them they should augment Pandora well I hope.
The Insidious madness and Doppleganger are not the best of Wyrd's miniatures but I really like the stitched togethers.

(previously published elsewhere Oct 2011)

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