Thursday, 21 March 2013

Yan Lo vs Sonia 25ss - quick rundown

Yan Lo vs Sonia Criid
25ss - starter box + one blister.

Supply Wagon - not that anyone payed any attention to that ;-)

Yan Lo, Yan Lo, what to do with Yan Lo..

I'm not used to this. I play Lady Justice, she runs forward and hits people.  Yan Lo does not.  Well, he shouldn't anyway.

My opponent was playing Criid with 2 Witchling Stalkers, 3 Guild Riflemen and Drill Sergeant I rocked up with Chiaki, Izamu, Soul Porter & 2 Ashigaru.

Deployment Criid deployed first with 3 Rifelmen and drill sergeant on her right flank and Criid and stalkers slightly left of centre.
I had a bold plan, to throw Izamu and one Ashigaru forward as fast as possible in order to take out the riflemen before taking down the supply wagon so I set up everything to my left, a hill sat between us, a hill we decided was height 3.. not sure why, surely a hill is taller than that? anyway, I lined up on the left apart from one Ashigaru which I left guarding the Supply Wagon.

I won initiative toyed with the idea of companion chaining Soul Porter, Yan Lo and both Ancestors but decided in the end to just activate Chiaki and get phase one of my attempt to fling The Armour at the Riflemen.  My cheat hand had 2 cards at 10 or above and no high rams so this was down to luck, and as luck would have it.. botheration. no luck.  Try again, nothing.  Well, that was an auspicious first activation with my new crew..

With that abject failure under my belt I wavered on my plan.  I used Soul Porter to move Izamu forward but then dithered as I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave him exposed to 9 rounds of withering fire for a turn.  I probably should have stuck to the plan.

Instead this in a nutshell is what happened.  Yan Lo, Izamu and the one Ashigaru moved forward roughly together, Yan Lo having turned all but the Ashigaru into Spirits.  Despite Sonias flame wall Izamu managed to get within Melee range of her and dropped in an attack.  The riflemen put round after round into Yan Lo and Izamu, Izamu was in melee range of Sonia so one riflemen shot at her twice out of three shots and even wounded her which was amusing.  Izamu took on a Stalker and eventually beat it, maybe he should have gone for Sonia but I had no cards to cheat with and wanted another Chi point for Yan Lo to boost his df to 7, which I got but it was too little too late.  Yan Lo died, Soul Porter was done for by blast damage after Sonia straight flipped a severe damage.  I was left with Izamu on 3 wounds, about to take another one, Chiaki & one Ashigaru.  I'd only removed 2 Witchling talkers.
In terms of VP no one scored anything but I think I'd have lost had the game gone on, though with hindsight I could have delivered the message for VP or two.

I got Yan Lo very wrong, I wanted to keep him up with Izamu but that left him exposed.  Chiaki did nothing all game except heal one point on Izamu.  The Soul Porter was useful in moving Izamu.  But, I had appalling cards all game, none of my triggers fired off, not one.  The only thing that worked for me was initiative flips, where I won initiative in all rounds.  Given better cards I could have made more of a game of it, but that doesn't mean I didn't get things wrong, I most certainly did.  I think my basic idea was right but I need to think carefully about positioning and movement with this crew.

Yan Lo is a casting expert, but has only two spells, one offensive, the other healing, it's a bit frustrating when there's nothing to heal and you don't want to move him.. He could use a bit more variety, though I suppose he gets more spells further along the paths.  He needs to be in touch, but hanging back, protected until he's string enough to stand on his own.  You need things to die near him.  But I do like this crew, it needs more finesse than I'm used to, I'm looking forward to playing it some more and deciding in which direction I want to develop it.

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