Tuesday, 5 March 2013

melee - area of effect

A friend recently bought me the Yan Lo - Masters of the Path box set.  Not a set I'd been looking at but I'm glad he did, it's fascinating.  As a result I've been looking at minions to expand the set and it will be no surprise to anyone that the first one I'm going to buy, hopefully tonight, will be Izamu, the Armour. A 10ss heavy hitter that's also an Ancestor.

Now I've not spent much time reading up on Yan Lo or Izamu so I'm not hear to talk tack-ticks but I have noticed one thing.  Izamu has a 3" melee range, and he's on a 50mm base (at least I believe it's 50mm).  So what?  An extra inch of melee is nice but not earth shattering right?

Well, think on this - sat on a marker he covers a huge amount of space.  The area of a circle is  pi * r².
The diameter of Izamu's melee range is 2*3" + 50mm (1.97") = 7.97".  This gives a radius of aprox 3.985". Which results in an area of 49.87"². Compare that to the area of a 30mm base with 1" melee range - 7.95"² and 30mm base with 2" range - 21.08"².  Suddenly that extra inch seems so much more.

Now I don't claim an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the minions, there may be other 50mm models with a 3" range, but are there any so tough as Izamu?  He's going to be a rock of solid granite in some Strategies, I think we'll be seeing a lot of him.

Since posting this I've been advised of a few Masters and Minions who can equal or better a 50mm 3" area of effect, so I've added those to the table below.  Certainly Izamu's area of effect can be beaten, at the moment a spell assisted Misaki minion wins.

Here, if you are interested, is a small list of base sizes, melee ranges and their area of effect:

50mm  4" 78.05"²
50mm  3" 49.87"²
50mm  2" 27.98"²
50mm  1" 12.37"²
40mm  3" 45.06"²
40mm  2" 24.41"²
40mm  1" 10.04"²
30mm  6" 136.46"²
30mm  4" 66.20"²
30mm  3" 40.50"²
30mm  2" 21.08"²
30mm  1" 7.95"²

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