Wednesday, 11 January 2012

half painted death marshal

Not an auspicious posting really, a half finished figure, but, as it's the most completely painted malifaux figure I have so far I thought I'd put it up..

Colour scheme so far is as follows
Coat - Valejo Lemon Yellow will be washed in Gryphon Sepia (GW) or possibly DEvlan Mud and highlighted.
Skin - Valejo Ivory (4pts) and Pale Sand (1/2 pt)
Hat & Bandages - Valejo Crimson & GW Black Wash
Jeans - Valejo Medium Blue
Coffin - Valejo Pale Sand (I think) Washed with GW Devlan Mud
Leather - Bestial Brown
Gun wood - GW Scorched Brown
Chains - GW Boltgun Metal with Black wash
Other metal - GW Boltgun Metal

Still some tidying up to do before washing and highlighting.  Still undecided whether or not to do another coat of yellow on the coat as well in order to even it up or whether or not I'll rely on washing and highlights to cover up the unevenness.
The idea also is to tone down the blue of his jeans and make it look more like denim, washing and highlights will hopefully achieve this.

(Originally posted elsewhere October 2011)

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